SPARE Project Tajikistan

SPARE Project Tajikistan

SPARE Program has developed a number of teaching resources  for  both teachers and school students.

SPARE Program regularly conducts trainings for public school teachers of the city of Dushanbe and those  regions that are program regional partners.  Energy saving, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability are the thematic issues  of the trainings. SPARE program organizes trainings  in partnership with educational and environmental departments of  regional and area authorities and also with teacher training centers of the city of Dushanbe. Annually , on average 150 teacher receive training. 

Nation wide meetings and conferences have been organized by SPARE Program for active teachers and students. Annually about  30 teachers and 25 school students from various regions of the country take part in  conferences. Best practices and lessons learned  shared between colleagues from various regions  are used as an important sources for upgrading  and  acquiring  new skills for teaching  environmental and energy saving related themes.  Also these nationwide meetings are a good opportunity to discuss the expansion of SPARE Program network and to support to exercise environmental projects in other schools of Tajikistan. 

Malekaya Zemlia spares no effort to develop regional cooperation and pursuing this idea it invites experts from other countries e.g. Kazakhistan to share experience and knowledge in the field of environmental education and also to strengthen  cooperation within the Central Asia region.  

Teachers involved in the SPARE program are provided with the set of information and educational resources developed within  the Program as an additional teaching materials to the  natural sciences subjects. 

Malenkaya Zemlia develops various informative promo materials such as:  posters, leaflets, brochures and disseminates them along with other materials developed by SPARE Program of other countries.
SPARE Program organizes various international contests on the thematic issues of climate change,  energy efficiency and renewable energies.  All contest winners are granted with the SPARE Diplomas and awarded with various prizes.  Malekaya Zemlia coordinates nationwide contests in Tajikista, on the energy saving thematic, in 2014 and 2015, the best knitted sock  and best humoristic photo contests had been organized within the SPARE Program.

SPARE Program in Tajikistan works a lot on public awareness through environmental activities, thematic  excursions, exhibitions, master classes. Malekaya Zemlia together  with program regional partners, other local environmental organizations and, with active participation SPARE School children celebrates events marked in the environmental calendar: International Energy Saving Day, the Day of Earth, World Environmental Day and others .

It is worthy of attention that SPARE Program received letter of recommendation from the State Environmental Committee of Tajikistan in 2013, for the achievements  done  thought  environmental educational programs .  At present SPARE is an only program exercising  environmental education and energy efficiency programs in Tajikistan.