Hand-on training for Technicians of Hydraulic Ram Pum

Hand-on training for Technicians of Hydraulic Ram Pum

On 21-24 April 2015 in the city of Khoroghe of the Gorno-Badakhshanskaya  autonomy district a hand-on training for the technicians of hydraulic ram pumps was organized by Little Earth an environmental NGO in Tajikistan. The hand-on training took place on the basis of  “Zindagi”  a local consumer cooperative.

The main objective of the hand-on training was to master technicians on assembling water self-pumping pump  "Gidrotaran". This particular type of pumping station-unit operates without electricity using pressure generated by streamed water. This station-unit  enables the pumped water to be thrown even at the 30m height territories where the water itself  can not flow by gravity.

Technicians from the villages of Nisura and Barchidiva were trained by Makhmadnazara Dzhivanova  one of the best master-technicians of the hydraulic ram pump in Pamir.

The first day of the training was dedicated to introduction and theoretical knowledge of mechanism, structure and techniques of self-pumping pump.  On the following days, under supervision of the master the trainees went though practical steps of assembling and dissembling of the pump unit independently.  Testing and assessment of the assembled pump was the major task of the last day of the training, afterword the assembled hydraulic ram pump was installed in the village of Nisura.

Little Earth within the SPARE program pays a special attention to the trainings of local population on the benefits of renewable energy and application of alternative energy resources in Tajikistan.

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