Environmental Education  Seminar for School Teachers

Environmental Education Seminar for School Teachers

First Environmental Education Seminar for school teachers took place on 28 October 2015 in Dushanbe. The seminar was jointly organized  by “Little Earth” environmental NGO and “Republican Center of Additional  Education”  as  one of  the three seminars planed within the SPARE program.
School teachers of line natural sciences: biology, geography, chemistry and ecology from Shokhmansur rayon of Dushanbe were invited to the seminar.  Improvement of environmental education at school was a major subject of discussions. School teachers spoke of the main challenges, and simultaneously acquainted with the “Green Schools” best  practices of various countries.
Teachers outlined and agreed on the main issues that impede the quality environmental education at the school among of which the most commons are: i) lack of knowledge of school teachers the  issues of  sustainable development,  tangible benefits of  energy saving and sustainable natural resources management, ii) shortage of learning and teaching  materials for major upgrades in the field of environmental education, iii) lack of knowledge of  school teachers the current teaching methodologies in the field of environmental education and iv) gap between education process and practice.
Little Earth shared with its own experience in working with public schools on environmental education and provided with some advices on how to start  promotion of  environmental education at schools and have them involved in eco-friendly activities exercised  in the school . 
Participants of the seminar put focus on  strengthening the established network within CIS countries and beyond for better information sharing and lessons learned.

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